Marsha Lichtenstein, Ph.D.Marsha Lichtenstein, Ph.D.
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Growing up, my Eastern European grandfather was fond of leaning over me and pinching my cheek (really hard!) and telling me I was a smart cookie. Then he would chuckle.

Many years later, I had to wonder, if I was such a smart cookie….

  • Why don’t I have the things I truly want and need in my life?
  • Why don’t I make better choices that honor who I am instead of trying to take care of everyone else?
  • Why do I continually procrastinate asking for what I want?
  • Why am I waiting around for things to change instead of taking action?

Many of you are smart, insightful, and hard-working. You’re probably working harder than you need to because you’re never sure you’re doing enough. And despite how much you give and how hard you work, you’re curious about whether you could be happier than you currently are – a thought you would never think of sharing with anyone. Or maybe you’re treading water right now, tolerating a bad situation. Maybe you’re even feeling a little worn out and you’ve given up on the possibility of ever getting what you want.

This was me for a very long time. I couldn’t allow myself to truly want something, much less ask for it.

I literally had to fall on my butt in order to reconnect with my authentic smart cookie self. It was a life-changing accident that stopped me in my tracks. I had to look at the beliefs that kept me from standing up and speaking out for myself and from going after bigger dreams.

Even though I was satisfied with my professional accomplishments and income, I didn’t feel a deep commitment to it. It was more like I was at a fashion show and people were handing me clothes they wanted to see me in, and so I dressed up for them. In order to get in touch with what I wanted, who I was, and what made me happy, I had to become fearlessly honest with myself.

As I talked about my journey to wholeness with other women, I learned this was not just my personal story.

Many women don’t know what would make them happy. They don’t allow themselves to want things – the perfect job, the right relationship, or financial security. Asking for what they want is outside their comfort zone. And when the right things, persons or opportunities come along, they question whether they really deserve it.

My purpose as the Smart Cookie Coach is to show you how to connect with your own authentic smart cookie self, that part of you that truly knows who you are and what you need to thrive. And to help you get out of your own way so you can speak up for what you need and want in all parts of your life with authority and grace.

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My Authentic Self

Marsha helped me unlock what was holding me back from understanding my own worth. The words other people wrote for me were difficult to use because they didn’t feel authentic when I said them. Because I couldn’t believe what I was saying about myself, I was unable to be successful promoting my business. Now when I talk about my business, it comes from my authentic self – it’s part of who I am. Whether it’s my elevator speech or a presentation to a potential customer, I’m clear and confident about what my clients get when they work with me.

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