Courageous Conversations

Conversation—talk—is how women connect with others. At the same time, at work and at home, we’re hesitant to take center stage or talk about our accomplishments or victories. If you are someone who holds herself back, it’s very likely

  • You struggle asking for your raise or promotion
  • You want to raise your rates with customers or clients but you worry that you will lose business
  • You believe that conflict is scary so you give in rather than speak up
  • You tolerate bad situations because you can’t say no or set boundaries
  • You postpone asking for what you want because you are afraid of upsetting your relationships

Our culture does not teach women to stand up, speak up and promote their own interests.

Women in leadership positions carry around a great deal of cultural baggage. There are many patterns we fall into such as the family legacy of being a little girl who needs protection or how women, even those in positions of power, are still expected to mother those around them. Many women try to win over colleagues by being accommodating and nice. They advocate for the interests of their colleagues in the hopes that their turn will come, but it never does. There is always someone else tooting their horn louder.

It is possible however to overcome this cultural baggage and ask for—and get—what you are looking for. This means you can reap the rewards for your contribution at work, with clients, at home and with family.

The good news: women are not born to take second place. You can reclaim your boundaries and handle difficult situations—even conflict—masterfully. There’s a proven path to get you back in control:

When you master Courageous Conversations, a simple step-by-step program, you can finally speak up with authority and grace. The Courageous Conversations coaching program is for you if you want to:

  • Get free from limiting beliefs and start asking for what you are worth – at work, with clients and at home.
  • Say what you mean and mean what your say, without fear, guilt or self-criticism.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself with weak and deprecating words ~ Instead speak powerfully about your worth and contributions.
  • Get the respect, appreciation and support you desire and require in your relationships.
  • Negotiate rationally, calmly and effectively with all types of people and have more time, money and peace of mind.

It’s time you discovered your true value, stood up for your own interests and created win-win situations for yourself.

This program is for you if you are ready to know your worth and communicate it with clarity and confidence. This is a unique program that I created specifically for women who want help speaking with authority AND grace.

If you want to have an impact on the world, you need to speak up on your own behalf (whether it is for your ideas, your pay, your time, your expertise) while creating cooperation, collaboration and respect. We are not bullies or bitches: so how do we get heard, respected and seen as a leader? This program teaches the tools.

  • 4 months, 12 sessions, 3 per month
  • Sessions are 45 minutes
  • Sessions include exercises and tools with the focus on your specific situation so you can prepare, practice and be ready to handle any of your challenges
  • Built-in accountability with pre-session check-ins via email
  • Triage – between-session emails; plus 3 scheduled short calls are available

To tailor this program to your unique needs I need you to answer a few quick questions. These seven questions are designed to help me understand the best way to work with you and to give you a way to get clear about your needs, goals and challenges.

Pitch Perfect
Perfect Pitch: How To Speak Up for Yourself in Everyday Relationships

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I've finally taken that step forward and created my new venture, a Spanish language immersion program for adults.  I have to tell you that Marsha’s negotiation workshops along with private sessions gave me the impetus to follow through on a dream I had shelved 30 years ago.
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