Let go of the struggle to be perfect. Know your worth and be calm and confident asking for what you need and want. Speak up with authority and grace, and people will listen to you. Have more time, money and peace of mind.

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Pitch Perfect
Perfect Pitch: How To Speak Up for Yourself in Everyday Relationships

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Client Praise

My Authentic Self

Marsha helped me unlock what was holding me back from understanding my own worth. The words other people wrote for me were difficult to use because they didn’t feel authentic when I said them. Because I couldn’t believe what I was saying about myself, I was unable to be successful promoting my business. Now when I talk about my business, it comes from my authentic self – it’s part of who I am. Whether it’s my elevator speech or a presentation to a potential customer, I’m clear and confident about what my clients get when they work with me.

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