Summer Harvest

We’re finally at the end of summer. It’s been a really steamy season but now the weather’s changed and it’s much cooler in the mornings as well as late at night. I’m harvesting what’s left in my garden; repairing a broken window to keep out the impending colder weather; and thinking about whether it’s time to get more firewood.

While I’m looking out at the garden, I’m taking a little time for self-reflection, taking stock of my summer and thinking about my inner harvest, about what I’ve learned in the past 3 months and how I can prepare for my next steps.

Girl writes in notebook

Here are some questions you can use for self-reflection at this time of year:

  • In honor of the summer sun, what is your shining asset?
  • In honor of the autumn rains, what do you dislike about yourself that actually serves your growth?
  • In honor of the fall foliage, what is the beauty others see in you?
  • In honor of the falling leaves, what do you need to let go of?
  • In honor of the summer harvest, where have you grown this year?
  • In honor of the harvest moon, what is your untapped potential?
  • In honor of gathering the fall seed pods, what are you capable of creating next year?


To your success,


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