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REIMAGINE – 3 Strategies to Fire Up Your Future! January 29, 2016, Friday morning at 8:30 am. REDW, 7425 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109. For details and registration information, click here.

Your Free 5-Day Plan to Say No with Authority and Grace

Each time you say no, you’re actually saying yes to yourself and your goals.
Discover how to empower yourself by learning how to say no with authority and grace.

Client Praise

Found my Voice

I recently relocated when my husband changed jobs. I was looking for a position as a development director in the non-profit world. With Marsha’s advice and gentle feedback, I was able to find my voice during my interviews. I was clear about the specific contributions I had made at my last job and finally felt comfortable “tooting my own horn.”  I was totally comfortable discussing money and benefits in a mature and empowered manner. And I now have the most amazing position!
Harriet P.
Development Director of a Non-Profit Company

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