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REIMAGINE – 3 Strategies to Fire Up Your Future! January 29, 2016, Friday morning at 8:30 am. REDW, 7425 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109. For details and registration information, click here.

Your Free 5-Day Plan to Say No with Authority and Grace

Each time you say no, you’re actually saying yes to yourself and your goals.
Discover how to empower yourself by learning how to say no with authority and grace.

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I hired Marsha as a personal business coach to help me take my communication consulting company to the next level. Through focused, patient, and insightful guidance, she has not only helped me to understand my capabilities, but also how to get past the roadblocks I inadvertently set up for myself. With her help, I have found a new niche that allows me to work with a targeted group of clients who value my expertise and compensate me accordingly.
Ellen M.
Marketing and Communications specialist

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