Are you ready to ask for what you want and get it? Or is something blocking you from having the life you want?

Do you hesitate to talk about your accomplishments or victories because you worry about being seen as arrogant or pushy?

Do you find yourself apologizing for asking family and friends for help, even though you didn’t do anything wrong?

Do you give credit to others in the name of being fair even if you’ve done most of the work?

Do you advocate for raises and perks for your staff, hoping that your boss will do the same for you? But your turn never comes.

Do you try to win over colleagues by being accommodating and nice while putting your own goals at the bottom of your list?


Without the right
Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge*,
it is likely that…

  • You postpone asking for what you want because you are afraid of upsetting your relationships.
  • You tolerate bad situations because you can’t say no or set boundaries.
  • You believe that conflict is scary so you give in rather than speak up.

The good news: You don’t have to let your past experiences limit you. It is possible to make different decisions and get different results. You can learn to speak up on your own behalf—whether for your ideas, expertise or time—while creating cooperation, collaboration and respect with family, friends, and colleagues. You will gracefully and easily ask for—and get—what you need and want. This means you can now reap the rewards for your contributions at work, with clients, at home, and with family. Even in potentially difficult situations, you will handle yourself with authority and grace. You can reclaim your voice and handle difficult situations—even conflict—masterfully.

How to A.S.K.* for What You Want and Get It is a proven path I developed that teaches you to master the tools to speak up for yourself and ask for what you need with authority and grace. The A.S.K.* system has three parts:

A: Adopting Positive Attitudes and Assumptions
S: Cultivating Strong Skills
K: Embracing New Knowledge.

With A.S.K. you will

  • Get free from limiting beliefs and start asking for what you are worth—at work, with clients, and at home.
  • Think in terms of greater possibilities—more joy, time or money—instead of hanging on to old beliefs about what you deserve.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself with weak and deprecating words. Instead, speak powerfully about your worth and contributions.
  • Get the respect, appreciation and support you desire and require in your relationships.
  • Negotiate rationally, calmly and effectively with all types of people and have more time, money and peace of mind.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say, without fear, guilt or self-criticism.

The A.S.K. program is for you if you are ready to know your worth and communicate it with clarity and confidence without bullying or overpowering others. The A.S.K. program teaches you the tools.

The most important step: STOP WAITING—Take action now and don’t expect other people to do this for you. The only miracle worker in your life is you.


I offer both short-term strategy sessions on an as-needed basis as well as a more extensive coaching program.


Is there a situation you want help with—a conflict or negotiation at home or work? Maybe it’s a problem you can’t get a handle on, and you sense there’s a better way of handling things but can’t figure it out? 

Strategy sessions are private one-on-one sessions on an as-needed basis where we focus on a specific issue, problem or event, define your goals, and strategize how to meet them.

  • Begin with a complimentary initial 20-minute session so we can see if what I do is a good fit for you.
  • Content of sessions may include these activities:
  • Assessment: Set goals; track and measure; evaluate outcomes.
  • Strategy: Plan and prepare; creating scripts; practice with feedback; implement.
  • Accountability: Track your progress; revise strategies and goals; Lots of support, encouragement and hand-holding.
  • Sessions are billed at an hourly rate.


The Smart Cookie Coaching Program is a unique opportunity to build communication, negotiation and conflict resolution tools and skills. You will transform both your mindset and your skillset so you can ask for what you need and get it. This is a 12-session four-month program with purposely-designed modules that build your ability to speak up more easily, confidently and effectively. We can customize the program to work with your specific areas of concern.

  • Begin with a complimentary initial 20-minute session so we can see if what I do is a good fit for you.
  • Learn how to
    • Recognize how your thinking sabotages your success and learn to shift into more positive mindsets.
    • Boost your communication and conflict resolution skills so you can speak up with clarity, persuasion, and compassion.
    • Learn the ins and outs of negotiating while maintaining great relationships at home and at work.
    • Focus on your specific issues so you can prepare, practice and be ready to handle any of your challenges.
    • Take the Talk-Works communication/conflict style assessment and optimize your strengths, especially skills you are not aware of.
    • Use accountability practices such as pre-session check-ins to stay on track.
    • Get unstuck between sessions—between-session emails available for coaching clients. Coaching clients also have 3 mini-coaching calls as part of the program.

Your Free 5-Day Plan to Say No with Authority and Grace

Each time you say no, you’re actually saying yes to yourself and your goals.
Discover how to empower yourself by learning how to say no with authority and grace.

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Learned to Listen

I learned how to fully listen to what my customers and potential customers are telling me. I avoid taking on clients that are not a good fit. The result is that I have clients who are a much better fit for me and I can provide more valued services to them.

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